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The CHCA hold 3 types of meeting.
AGM – Annual General Meeting. This is a formal meeting held once a year with attendance strictly limited to members and invited guest speakers. Vote on approving the accounts, appointing committee members Members will be required to identify themselves at the door to gain entry.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the website.

General Meetings. These are held every 3-6 months in addition to the AGM for members to meet each other, ask questions, raise issues. Invited Gu

Committee Meetings. These are generally held monthly and are for the Committee members to discuss the business of the association. Decide on what activities we are going to undertake & support and to plan those activities. We regularly review and create policy and work on our governance structures.

Committee Meetings may be inserted, moved or removed from the diary to suit the availability of committee members, invited speakers, or the amount of business needing discussion. Even tho these meetings are for committee members only, we endeavor to keep people aware of our meeting dates as a courtesy but this isn’t always practical and not required by the constitution.

Once written up by the secretary and agreed by the committee, Minutes of these meetings will be made publicly available on this website and emailed to members.

Meeting Minutes Following best practice meeting minutes are first written up then distributed only to those present at the meeting for them to edit and approve. Only then can they be distributed to members and the public. As we all have busy lives outside of CHCA this can unfortunately take longer than we might like.

Meeting Diary

20th June 2023 AGM [Members and invited speakers only]

18 July 2023 – Committee Meeting [Committee and invited speakers only]

August 2023 – No Meetings Planned

19th September 2023

May 2024