1. Name

The name of the Organisation shall be “The Churchill Gardens Community Association” (hereinafter called “the Organisation”).

2. Aims The aims of the Organisation are:

2.1. A community led Organisation to enhance, conserve and manage the park and its assets.

2.2. To develop and provide opportunities for the community to enjoy the park and its assets and to nurture community involvement.

2.3. To further develop opportunities for the community to come together and actively encourage and nurture the community.

3. Membership

3.1. Membership shall be open to all persons who share the aims of the Organisation.

3.2. Organisation membership – organisations, as recognised by the committee.

3.3. Every full member shall have one vote.

3.4. Organisational membership carries one vote per organisation.

3.5. Members must actively seek to represent the Organisation and its aims.

4. Finance

All financial business must be carried out constitutionally.

4.1. All money raised by or on behalf of the Organisation is to be used only to further the aims of the Organisation.

4.2. The Treasurer shall open a bank account in the name of the Organisation.

4.3 Cheque and instruction signatories will be Secretary, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Treasurer.

4.4. All cheques and instructions to the organisation bankers shall require three of the agreed signatures.

4.5. The Treasurer shall have the accounts audited annually by an independent, competent person.

4.6. The Organisation will not lend money to members.

4.7. A financial statement shall be presented at each meeting by the Treasurer.

5. The Committee

This is the body that manages the day-to-day affairs of the Organisation and is elected by the members of the Organisation. It is responsible to the membership.

5.1. The Committee shall be elected to carry out the business of the Organisation.

5.2. The Committee shall be made up of a Secretary, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer and up to 5 committee members.

5.3. The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

5.4. Officers shall carry out the duties given to given to them by General Meetings.

5.5. The Committee shall meet no less than 12 times a year.

5.6. Minutes of the meetings shall be available to all members.

5.7. The Organisation may elect new committee members to fulfil any vacancies that may occur during the year.

5.8. Any Committee member that fails to attend three meetings without an apology shall be deemed to have resigned.

6. Annual General Meeting

This is the meeting where the Committee reports on the activities of the previous year, then resigns. The new Committee is then Elected.

6.1. There shall be an annual general meeting held every 12 months at which the Committee reports on its work, presents a statement of accounts, then stands down.

6.2. The AGM shall elect a new Committee, vote on recommendations and any amendments to the Constitution.

6.3. The AGM will be held in June each year and will be notified at least 28 days in advance.

7. Other General Meetings

7.1. A special or extraordinary general meeting open to all members will be held if five or more full members submit in writing a request for such a meeting to the Secretary. The Secretary shall arrange for the meeting to take place within 28 days.

7.2. The Secretary will publicise all general meetings at least seven days in advance.

8. Quorum

This means the number of members required for the meeting to go ahead and make decisions.

8.1. No general meeting or Annual General Meeting shall take place if less than 5 full members are present.

8.2. No Committee meeting shall take place if less than 3 Committee members are present.

9. Changes to the Constitution

9.1. The Constitution can only be altered at an Annual, Special or Extraordinary General Meeting.

9.2. Any suggested changes to the Constitution must be handed to the Secretary 14 days before the Annual, Special or Extraordinary General Meeting.

9.3. Changes to the Constitution must be agreed by a simple majority of the full members present at the meeting.

9.4. The Chairperson shall have the casting vote should the original vote be tide.

9.5. None of the aims of the organisation listed in Section 2 may be deleted.

10. Dissolution

The Organisation may only be dissolved at a special general meeting called for that purpose and must be advertised 28 days before the meeting.

10.1. A proposal to dissolve the Organisation shall be accepted only if signed by a Quorum as defined in Section 8. The decision shall be agreed by a simple majority of eligible voters present.

10.2. Funds and possessions will be disposed of by a gift for charitable purposes in the area or to a charity having substantially similar objectives to the Organisation and in each case as agreed by a simple majority of the full members present in person or by proxy at the meeting.

10.3. No members of the organisation shall receive any benefit either in cash or in kind from any disposal of the Organisation’s assets.

11. Standing Orders

Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner at meetings or in the premises used by the Organisation, and be excluded if they contravene the objectives of the Organisation. This will be done by a majority of those full members present and voting at any Committee or General Meeting.

11.1. Any members may make a proposal. In order for it to be voted on by full members it must be seconded, (or supported) by another member.

11.2. Only members present at the meeting may vote.

11.3 The only exception to the above rule will be that full members unable to attend may vote by proxy. In these circumstances such full members may empower the Chairperson or Secretary to vote on their behalf.

11.4. Before voting any member may propose an amendment, which must also be seconded.

11.5. The Chairperson shall have the casting vote when there is equal voting.

11.6. The area of responsibility for the the Organisation shall be the Churchill Gardens and surrounding area as defined by Bournemouth Borough Council Conservation zone.

This constitution was adopted by the Organisation on 21st March 2022