About Churchill Gardens

In nineteenth century Boscombe, between the 1860s and 1880s, whilst much of the surrounding area was undergoing rapid development, a green space was kept for cricket and other sports and recreations. This was originally called Gower Gardens and was edged with rhododenrons and other shrubs. As pressure to build houses grew it was felt important that a green area be retained and so Churchill Gardens (named after Randolph Churchill, father of Winston) was built, between 1893 and 1912 in Early Vernacular and Domestic Revival styles, enclosing a large gardenesque green square. The open and airy square (though not a perfect square) is characterised by features such as ornate fretwork porches and balconies, tile hung gables with mock Tudor timberwork and Elizabethan-style glazing, and Arts & Crafts ideas of skilled workmanship and materials. It is now the heart of Churchill Gardens Conservation Area.

Join Now

The Churchill Garden Community Association is a constituted community group originally formed back in 2009 as The Friends of Churchill Gardens. We are now looking to breath life back in to the Group with a new name, a new engaged and elected committee and refreshed membership. Membership is open to anyone who shares the aims of the group.

The Aims of Churchill Garden Community Association

Why become a Member?

  1. Make your voice heard – vote on matters up for discussion, stand for election onto the committee and/or vote at our AGM in June each year.
  2. Help represent our diverse community – we need our membership to reflect the needs of ALL residents, young and old, homeowners and renters, people who are new to the area and long-term residents.
  3. Meet local community partners at our quarterly Members Meetings – local councillors, council officers, police and other officials are invited to attend these meetings giving YOU the opportunity to voice your concerns.
  4. Find out what’s happening in Churchill Gardens (or not…) before anyone else – as a member of Churchill Gardens Community Association, you’ll get to know what’s going on in Churchill Gardens. You’ll receive minutes of all meetings and be kept up to date with any developments that affect Churchill Gardens via email/letter and our FOCG Members Community on Facebook.
  5. Have a real impact on improvements to Churchill Gardens – it’s not without its challenges but as a group we are striving to see BCP Council live up to its commitment to take an Asset Based Community Development approach that builds on the strengths of our community, working in partnership with local residents to the ‘nothing about us without us’ principle.

Membership is open to anyone who shares the aims of the Churchill Gardens Community Association. Members must actively seek to represent the group and its aims in their conduct and communication.

The Comittee

Chairperson – Nic Coram

Vice Chairperson – Jack Maguire

Treasurer – Adam Playfair

Secretary – Sammy Davies

Committee Members – Katerina Svetlikova