Reporting things that we don’t like around the park is an important way of improving the environment for everyone. The CGCA encourage everyone to report as many incidents as possible as often as possible. Even if you think someone else has done so already or you think it will do no good. The more reports that are received, the more like an issue is to be dealt with quickly and the more focus and resources we will get from the authorities in the future.

Even if the individual report is not responded to or to slowly, over time the weight of numbers will have a positive affect.

Damaged Play Equipment

Quick Link to report damaged play equipment or other issues on the BCP website.

Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping (Including anything by the bins rather than in the bins) should be reported as soon as possible to BCP Council using their webform HERE.

BCP have committed to removing all rubis within 48 hrs of being aware of it. The CGCA intends to hold BCP to that commitment.

Unsociable Behaviour

Encourage reporting Unsociable Behaviour. Even if it seems futile for resolving the particular incident. The police compile statistics of reported incidents and use these to determine staffing numbers and where resources are allocated. By reporting the behaviour you observe will increase the policing of our square and help prevent future incidents.

Abandoned Vehicles

BCP are responsible for the removal of abandoned vehicles. If you suspect you have identifies such a vehicle you should first check on the DVLA website to see if it is Taxed. Vehicles which are on the road legally, however dirty or long parked will not be removed by the council.

You can check a vehicle Tax status on the DVLA by entering the registration HERE Click the Start Here button.

An abandoned vehicle can be reported to BCP if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • the tyres are flat
  • wheels are missing
  • the windscreen or windows are broken
  • it’s going mouldy
  • it’s full of rubbish
  • the number plates are missing
  • there are wires hanging from the dashboard
  • it’s been vandalised inside or out

If after checking the details above you want to report the vehicle to BCP Council you can do that HERE